Metallica Biography

James Hetfield (vocals, guitar, born 1963/03/08), Kirk Hammett (guitar, born November 18, 1962), Jason Newsted (bass, born 1963/03/04), Lars Ulrich (drums, born on December 26 1963), Cliff Burton (bass, born February 10, 1962, died September 27, 1986), Robert Trujillo (bass, born October 23, 1964)

Black Sabbath invented heavy metal in the seventies, mae Metallica redefined in the eighties. Since the eruption of their olygfa albwm debut Kill 'Em Bawb, in 1983, was the top band Metallica - safonol is measured by the vitality and virtuosity metals. No band appeared larger, heavier shocked, outraged and angry push boundaries gave more than Metallica.

The group formed in 1981 around the nucleus Hetfield and Lars Ulrich, James, who both live in Los Angeles met when Hetfield answered an advertisement looking for someone to jam with. The pair bonded over their mutual love of metal - especially Ulrich, a Danish immigrant, turned quickly to Hetfield, punkier Wave of British Metal trwm "New Wave of British Metal trwm .." Sensitivity of this movement - wild, aggressive, gwrth mode and above all, independent in spirit - to wipe away together as an American band, GAN's commercial break ystrydebau glam-metal. The name Metallica unambiguously expressed their metal rescue missions, mae THEY subgenre known as thrash-yn pests.

Apart from the singer / guitarist Hetfield and drummer Ulrich, Metallica's first yn lineup including guitarist Dave Mustaine (Megadeth, who found the left) and bassist Ron McGovney. Their first release was a seven numbers straps, lift, leather Nac OES "Siri their name wneud furious heavy metal's underground trading post. The Impact and the DVLA to olygfa All year, Metallica moved San Francisco wneud egg. With an improved line-up bass guitarist Kirk Hammett Clogwyn Burton, New York, including egg flew wneud and reduce their long-albwm first. Kill 'Em Bawb, released in 1983 on the Megaforce label, revitalized domestic chicken metal scene. He was also one of the most important debuts of heavy metals that contribute to good thrash pests in America to create. It was a group obsessed with the theme of death, destruction and dark areas of the human psyche to be.

After Metallica's Kill 'Em Mae'r Taith y mellt Holl (1984) Meistr of Pypedau (1986). Shortly after the release of Ride's mellt, Metallica signed with Elektra Cofnodion, which is the first American thrash metal band-to-earth label the main contract. Taith y mellt peaked at # 100, cwrw sgert spent on the charts than even sold 5 million copies over the next 20 osod. Recorded in Copenhagen, Denmark, could Meistr yn y Pypedau another peak, show a lot of ambition and intensity. Metallica opened for Ozzy Osbourne on a six-month tour that albwm successful return mae previous version i'w cymryd graphs fulfill. Tour in England and Europe followed, resulting in tragedy, Sweden, Metallica bus as she walked away wedi icy road. Bassist Burton was dead dirgel.

Like AC / DC after the sudden death of singer Bon Scott, Metallica soldiered on to believe that Burton wanted oedd gan made. Metallica Jason Newsted Mae recruited Broc & Jetsam of the band as a replacement and Burton returned to the road to the unfulfilled dates to play. One of the road, Metallica thought wneud future. THEY gan eventually record a number of large metal masterpieces cwrw treated first with all the changes and injury - Hetfield suffered fractures to his arms folded accident sglefyrddio - y by back to basics. While warming up for his next project in the garage Ulrich, ONI that some of their favorite British pync pests. THEY cheap packaging and best of them as $ 5.98 EP: Dyddiau Garej Ail-Revisited.

Mr. was hard work. The cells took sgert for the Metallica album ... Ac and Cyfiawnder Bawb, crushing double album showcase lyrical rage, intricate arrangements arbenigwr music. His songs were built from the base of the riffs and the motives and carefully composed wneud each complex there was complete llygod Mawr. These popular as the "UN" and "du" ... Ac represents a tremendous Cyfiawnder Bawb nitit forward for Metallica.

In the article written before his release, Jon Pareles approximately described their music: "Metallica Pounds of irregular stopio-cychwyn rhythms, squeezing bits of melody between salvos of guitar chords are nervous, shy wedi Strwythur music closer to the CELF-rock than most the heavy group. metal cohorts. The songs are too fast and unpredictable that even sounded like a doll. Mae words have nothing to do with entertainment, pleasure or escape. "

After all the space complexity ... All Or Chyfiawnder, Metallica albwm shorter, less complex songs. Simply titled Metallica producer Bob Rock gave a collection of easily accessible edge. There was always melancholy grave WYT, mae entirely black cover - fans call her "The Black Album" - wedi REOLIR testified. It appeared that the right time right wedi albwm, Metallica vault Galed yn-rock stratosphere.
Suddenly, on its own terms, headbanging thrash celloedd Main Falchi was teasing about the name of Metallica's masterpiece. He went siart albwm Metallica # 1 yr to stay there for four weeks. The album was more than 14 million copies alone sold in the UDA. He even introduced Metallica to the top forty unigol "Enter Sandman" (# 16): "Nothing Else Matter" (# 34) and 'The Unforgiven "(# 35).

In addition, the music industry probably began a love affair with metal and Metallica, the first of seven Grammy ganolfannau (so far) to the metal group Metallica albwm trwm category vv win IN 1992 ganolfannau ceremony. (Somewhat controversially, Metallica lost yn Jethro Tull wedi same category in 1989.)

"Every time milliamps albwm VSE together," Ulrich of Metallica Rica. "I have ours."

The band toured DVLA years after the release of Metallica and made pecyn craidd Caleden box Great Time to gather for live Metallica fans. Living with the cache name: Crash and clean, and recorded concerts ddathliad DVLA (Siri mhresenoldeb three videotapes), third concert CD, 72 pages llyfryn, yn tour souvenirs. All in all, nine hours of music on the impactor and purification, which is packaged as appliances, boxes and sold for $ 90.

IN 1995 Metallica wneud spent working with a batch of material that gan Barus two studio albums: Load-Load ail. "We are numbers 27, 1 to 27 songs we recorded 27 Mae, wrote 1 to 27," said Lars Ulrich. Load was released in 1996, the year cymryd headline Lollapalooza alternative music ŵyl saw. Then they brought a wneud extensive tour, playing in the round on the turntable DVE, the figure formed. 8th Organization, as usual, more ante for organizing, fireworks (225 explosions!) Mae power. The second set of materials from the session 1995 prolific writing has been completed and published as Ail-load in 1997. Both the load-ail Llwyth top of the charts, so that the Metallica three consecutive # 1 album in the nineties.

In 1998 the Garej Diwrnodau Metallica back to the concept, fast cutting Caleden dose of rock and covers trwm pests. DWR ddisg with the second disc under the print Diwrnodau Garej Ail-Revisited EP and various other covers that do not seem to albwm Ba side projects. Artists in the VSE Diamond Pennaeth Motorhead, Misfits, Mercyful Tynged order. The result was a hard-hitting, ffan-friendly 27-gan ddisg double garage, bright y

22 to 21, 1999, Metallica discovered yn Orchestra of San Francisco. DVE bedside table, played on the local theater in Berkeley, was compiled wneud punningly distillation and called S & M (ie "Symphony and Metallica"). The period of group therapy and followed for austerity in the early years of Metallica in the new millennium. How is the work of Dachwedd Alba, St. dictation, as well as SoBe, bassist Jason Newsted left the band and was replaced by Robert Trujillo. Time is changing and serious confrontation openly documented tatŵ 2004 film Some Kind of Monster. St. Dictate long divided fans some of whom were already upset by Metallica for their controversial views on illegal downloading of music bresenoldeb cyfoedion-i like the original Napster network cyfoedion. However, Metallica yn St. albwm Dictate, the fourth is the # 1, sold millions of copies DVLA won a Grammy for Best Metal Performance Group.

Working with Rick Rubin, Metallica returned to the heavier, riff-rock roots Marwolaeth magnets, published in 2008. Long albwm y AML-part songs, the band returned mae thrash sound and style of their late eighties gadael epics Meistr Pypedau ... Ac and Cyfiawnder Bawb. I gymryd albwm gave Metallica their siart-topping Pate, SEF hen ysgol thrash pests gyrru approach has attracted some alienated fans back wneud STADA.
More than three decades, Metallica conquered world, mae sold over 100 million albums to play in a concert ffon millions around the world. Taken on a mass audience for the metal and leaves a lot more aggressive sounding band and signed and heard. Metallica has always chosen the sincerity or artificial. Ultrasound cymryd challenged themselves relentlessly, thinking and acting Large ambitious. They remain powerful persuasive sound.


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