Limp Bizkit Biography

limpbizkit (formerly spelled limp Bizkit) is a group of Nu Metal. With Korn, they are often credited with the popularity of the genre.

Current line-up

* Fred Durst singing
* Wes Borland Guitar
* Sam Rivers Low
* John Otto-drums
* Fatal DJ decks, samples

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst away, bass Sam Rivers, drummer John Otto and turntablist / sampler player DJ fatal. (Otto and Rivers are cousins) Guitarist Wes Borland, who was with them for their first three albums, and the cover art for the last two years after in 2001. Borland was replaced by Mike Smith (formerly of the band snot), but as of August 2004, he returned limp Bizkit and Wes Borland of Mike Smith left for reasons unknown.

The group was signed to Interscope Records.

For limp Bizkit have found great success and has sold millions of records, are critcal reactions are mixed.

Early History

Contrary to popular belief, not Bizkit limp is named for the fraternity game "limp biscuit". They are actually named for the way a friend of the band following the lifting of the brain. Limp Bizkit was formed in 1994 by Durst, Rivers, and Otto. They visit in and around their home in Jacksonville, Florida. Around this time, they became friends with House of Pain rap music, which included DJ fatal. Shortly after the House of Pain cut, he joined DJ Fatal of the band.

In 1996, they released an EP of five songs with songs such as "corruption" and "Sur". 1997 saw the release of their first full length album Three Dollar Bill YA'LL. The album begins slowly. Not until limp Bizkit makes contact with the band Korn that they made no progress. Mainly because they could promote grain with appearances on MTV and The Family Values ​​Tour and Ozzfest (and not strange clothes stadium Wes Borland hurt). Their escape was only a cover of George Michael's "Faith" hit.

Significant other

In 1999, limp Bizkit released their second album, Significant other. The first single "cookie" was a huge success.

A unique success of the spawn will be the first of many scandals that plague Bizkit limp. They said stations were offered bribes "cookie" several times (some stations playing the song three times in a row) to play, and that this factor in the success of the song. Some radio disc jockeys claim was General (the parent company of Interscope) of fifty dollars to pay for program managers always "cookie" is played. Limp Bizkit and Interscope has denied the story repeatedly, however, and indicates that there is no evidence of these allegations.

More scandal would follow the same year. In the summer of 1999, limp Bizkit played Woodstock '99. During their fans start tearing placing plywood on the walls of the platform and the "tower" is being used by the media to cover the concert. There were also several reports confirmed rape and sexual violence in all. Tensions are high and violence continued to occur, which resulted in the burning and looting by the end of the show. Some concert-goers claim singer, Fred Durst had turned violent. Fred Durst said that none of his comments that day were intended to lead to violence. The questions will be addressed then in the video for the single "reorganization", which is evaluated with the group and "action" in the mess at Woodstock.

Debating soon overshadowed their music. In the same year Fred Durst involved allegedly in an argument with Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, and the band Slipknot. Trent Reznor and Marilyn Manson mocked Fred Durst in the Nine Inch Nails music video for "Starfuckers, Inc." (mocked in the video of Billy Morgan and Manson himself. The focus of attention has been focused on Courtney Love).

Reznor later declared "terrible Bizkit limp and everyone knows that." Fred Durst said that Reznor should be careful, as Durst was very influential at Interscope Records (Reznor also has contracted to Interscope Records) The attention causing a stir. People who claim Durst practice mafia business tactics. These costs are more often after an employee of the band Taproot released a threatening message on his answering machine was Durst. Durst said he was simply misunderstood and was not violent or negative. However, later, Durst hostility bitter and almost violent with Scott Stapp of Creed.

The group was stabbed in the debate back in 2001 during a tour in Australia with the Big Day Out rock festival. On the Sydney concert, Jessica Michalik was crushed by fans in their teens rushed the stage. It was contended that Durst encouraged the crowd, or was not trying to quell the crowd.

Dog Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Water taste

2000 will see the release of Chocolate Starfish Hot Dog Water and taste. The first two singles "My Generation" and "Rollin '" were released at the same time. Durst claimed this tactic would be to generate buzz for the album, his prediction is correct, that the two songs were. (A remix of "Rollin '" including Method Man, Redman and DMX was a small club a success). The album sold very well.

The group supports the main points of the album with a tour called Back To Basics. In the journey the only thing that separates the band from fans was a metal door. Moreover, the shows were sponsored by Napster, then they are free. In 2001, appeared to limp Bizkit to tear the seams. Borland is playing with his side project Big Dumb Face, and in interviews expressed dissatisfaction with Limp Bizkit. He was tired of the constant bickering, and elsewhere, did not want to quarrel with or disparage Reznor, who Borland greatly admired. In summer 2001, he moved to Limp Bizkit. He told MTV News in an interview that has been limp Bizkit band "selling out and Fred Durst was a bit of self-centered.

This was considered a big blow: Borland is often tired as a vital part of creating the group, partly because of its eclecticism.

After the departure of Borland, limp Bizkit held auditions for a new guitarist. There are thousands of record stores in a row hope and guitar for a chance to audition. Limp Bizkit has been criticized for requiring that all players sign the property exemptions giving riffs Limp Bizkit or interesting guitar parts provided by the hearings.

On March 7, 2003 Bizkit limp could carry out their new material in two years to live WWE Wrestlemania XIX. Not only that, Limp Bizkit had signed a number of live tours, despite the fact that no guitarist. On March 26, Durst wrote in a message on the official website: "We play the weekend of WrestleMania The guitars are on top of Korn and Mike Smith to snot We worked with Mike for a while ... it was dope. "Two days later, Durst confirmed via the band's official website that guitarist Mike Smith officially.

Mike Smith, and then went on tour with the group and contribute to at least five songs to help May op''Results Variation.''Durst, rivers and sound engineer known as Elvis also plays guitar on the album.

The results can vary

The results may vary, was published in October 2003. Although this does not match the achievements of earlier albums, it still sold over two million copies and reached number three in the Billboard charts. Criticism has been mixed, however, said one critic of the album "suffers from a complete lack of form and direction" 4  cover of The Who Behind Blue Eyes is a great success on radio charts, but still no video or CD-single will be released for 'nearly over' because Mike Smith left the band. It is assumed that no singles are scheduled for "results may vary" because Wes Borland back in the band.

Return Borland

In July 2004 various rumors began to circulate on the Internet that had Mike Smith left limp Bizkit, Wes Borland reported to have been jamming with the band. On 8 July official report that was Wes Borland recorded with the group in London, but it was still a rumor until August 13, 2004.

No official statement has been issued, but the limp Bizkit website went offline and was replaced by a Web page that the band's huge photographic display. Smith was absent, but there were Borland, the band jamming with the date underneath. Since then, 13 of every month new photos are downloaded, Borland continues to show in the band.

On August 15, two days after showing Wes Borland jamming with the band on their official website, Fred Durst has announced the departure of Mike Smith of the band in a special interview with, saying "We are very pleased with Mike gone. We in the type of people who stay loyal to our family and our instincts and at any time act on intuition as a whole. Mike is not the man. We had fun playing with him, but always knew deep our minds were not there when we need him mentally. "

Bizkit limp currently recording their new album Three Dollar Bill, Y'all producer Ross Robinson as seen in pictures on September 13 and as their guitarist Wes Borland.

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