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With the EPICA emerged on the scene, the group acquired a whirlwind of studio recordings, interviews, screaming fans, the world of entertainment and rock and roll lifestyle. The loss of the two labels and a drummer in 2006 seemed to have stopped the group on their ascent to the surface. But all is not what it seems. EPICA has returned with a powerful new album titled "The Divine Conspiracy", the emergence of a new chapter in the history of the group.

Female Dutch symphonic metal band EPICA was founded facade in 2002. Mark Jansen left After Forever to pursue his dreams and discovered that guitarist Ad Sluijter, bass player Yves Huts and keyboard and piano player Coen Janssen shared his vision. Drummer Jeroen Simons and singer Simone Simons completed the band. The band's name comes from Kamelot album with several members of the group are big fans and musically EPICA is not only with the influences from the world of rock and (symphonic) metal, but the music and film is made Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer will.

Within a few months EPICA this material to record their first album, the beautiful "The Phantom Agony". The album was released worldwide in 2003 and was followed by a lengthy tour. EPICA efforts were rewarded in 2004 with the price of Essent (Netherlands an important award for talented young bands). On tour throughout the year, EPICA recorded and released their second full-length album, congratulations to Oblivion "in 2005. The album reached number 12 in the Dutch charts and remained in the Top 100 for 7 weeks. This version also has a guest appearance Kamelot vocalist Roy on Khan. With creativity flowing in the same year the album Score: Long Journey also saw the light. EPICA album consists of music was written for the movie "Joyride" Dutch. This album is marked by the absence of guitars, drums and even voice, and contains the main instrumental symphonic songs. After four years of hard work, the group took time to think about the great career that has taken the world by storm. Thus, in the 2006 photo-audio book "The Road to Paradiso" was born. This is a detailed description of the group's history in words and images, and includes many photographs taken by members of a group of professionals photographers and even hundreds of fans who have contributed to the best photos and words. This book comes with a bonus CD-single contains new songs, live material and demos.

The year began with a good end to a low when drummer Jeroen Simons decided to quit the group. But it's not in the nature of the group by surprise. After hundreds of concerts in dozens of countries around the world (including USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, most European countries, Israel, Tunisia ...) was a group of well-oiled machine metal unstoppable. In 2007 EPICA signed a contract with Nuclear Blast and years we will see the album third the total length of EPICA Divine Conspiracy "." For more "this is the best word for this album. More chorus, guitars, grunts, speed and songs. Divine Conspiracy" more oriented guitar. This time four guitar tracks recorded instead of the usual two. With the ability to overthrow the God-gifted drummer Ariƫn van Weesenbeek EPICA was able to make songs faster and more complex as in all of its press releases, an album of music is offered at a higher level team at the studio door .. Sascha Paeth, Amanda Somerville and Miro Rodenberg's new album in more than 75 minutes and the original EPICA concept album. Working with the theory that, as a test, God created all kinds of different religions and released to humanity, to make sure that they have to find the true nature of this. the question is whether mankind can realize that all religions are basically the same. But that is not here. ends the album "Embrace, which strangles" a concept that can be found in "The Phantom Agony", but began with the following "Prison Desire" Forever-album. It seems natural that the conclusion of the concept of function as a guest on After Forever grunter Sander Gommans. Full circle, the journey continues ....

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