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Pop punk Simple Plan in French in Canada based in Montréal? Al, Qu? BEC. They released three studio albums: No Pads, No Helmets ... Just Balls (2002), getting a ... Always (2004), and Simple Plan (2008), as well as two widely marketed live albums: Live in Japan 2002 (2003) and MTV Hard Rock Live (2005).


Training (1993? 2002)
Bouvier airport in Shawinigan-Sud, Quebec, June 20, 2009.

Simple Plan began in 1993 with the formation of a group named Reset by friends Pierre Bouvier, Charles-Andre? "Chuck" Comeau, Philippe Jolicoeur, and Adrian White. Again toured Canada with bands such as MxPx, Ten Foot Pole, and face to face, but only managed a modest gain popularity. The album, No worries was first released in 1998, and Comeau left soon after to college. Two years later he met high school friends, Jean-Fran? Laws "Jeff" Stinco and S? Sebastien Lefebvre, who are in different bands of their own, and combine to create the band. Meanwhile, Reset released a second album, No Limits (two CDs were released as a CD single in 2006 with input rating of the Internet, Bouvier and Comeau). In late 1999, Comeau and Bouvier renewal of the Sugar Ray concert and Bouvier left Reset soon after to close Comeau. David Desrosiers replaced Bouvier in Reset, but when asked to close the foursome, he too left the band six months later. This allowed Bouvier, who had doubled for the group of men and bass, to concentrate on singing.

The name of the band is not clear. Members of the group have different funny answers to this problem, including the band in their plan is simply to avoid "real" job. However, the more likely the name comes from the movie "A Simple Plan." The name is only intended as temporary, but never better, and with shows coming to the new band name has remained.

No Pads, No Helmets ... Just Balls (2002? 2004)
Main article: No Pads, No Helmets ... Just Balls

In 2002, Simple Plan released their first studio album, No Pads, No Helmets ... Just Balls, which led to the following singles: "I'm just Kid," "I Do Anything", "Addicted" and "Perfect." Simple Plan is quoted as saying that they are the pure pop-punk record. The title of the CD echoes the popular slogan for the sport of rugby, "No pads, no helmets, just balls."

The album was originally released in the United States with twelve tracks, ending with a "Perfect". More foreign editions and come in different versions with a maximum of two additional tracks in addition to the original twelve. For example, the declaration of the United States include extra songs "Grow Up" and "My Christmas List", while the statement in the United Kingdom are the additional song "One By One" and "American Jesus" Religion Song (live cover Bad), and two music videos, "I Do Anything" and "I Only Kid".

The file also contains the voices of the singers from two other pop-punk bands such as "I Do Anything" includes the voices of Mark Hoppus of Blink-182, and "You do not mean anything" includes a voice of Charlotte, Joel Madden well .

In 2002, the year the album Simple Plan, Simple Plan played over 300 shows, topped by the new alternative art cards, and played a sold-out tour in Japan. In 2003 the band played as headliner on the Vans Warped Tour? commemorated the appearance in the comedy film Punk Rock Holocaust Slasher, where the four members of the band of five were slain. They also play a short stay on the Warped Tour in 2004 and 2005. In 2003, they opened for Avril Lavigne on her "Try To Shut Me Up" Tour. In addition to a number of trips Identify the key points, but also opened for Green Day and Good Charlotte.

Still do not get ... (2004? 2006)
The group will perform at Agawam, May 2005.
Editorial: Still Not Getting One ...

In 2004, Simple Plan released their second album, Still Not Getting One ... that led to the following singles, "Welcome To My Life", "Shut Up", "Untitled (How Could this happen to me?)", "Crazy" and (in some markets) "Perfect World".

As mentioned above, by writing "No Pads, No Helmets ... Just Balls", the members of Simple Plan designed to pure pop-punk record. This time however, when writing "Still Not Getting Any ...", the members of Simple Plan identified said she was not confined to the punk genre, but let their own writing" the music is good. "

Depending on the bonus DVD of Still Not Getting Any ..., while making the CD the members of Simple Plan thought of names, including "Get Rich or Die Seek" and "Danger Zone". They decide on the name Still Not A ... for getting a list of reasons given. The most popular and most likely is that the members of Simple Plan did not think they get good reviews, Bouvier once remarked that only a good recent review of the Alternative Press. Another reason may be because they still have not received anything. more variations of the group members have given, as something which in fact given after the ellipsis, including "best", "smarter", "more fun," and the The obvious sexual meaning. Comeau described the name of the album as "versatile".

"There are still getting an ..." shows a radical change in the style of Simple Plan too. They still keep their way of Downbeat words correspond to lively music, but he knew about the standard pop-punk genre. While many of the tracks on the CD will continue to feel fear teenager who is probably most evident in the song "I Only Kid" from the album No Pads, No Helmets ... to maintain Just Balls, the general direction of this album tends toward slightly deeper and more mature and lyrical themes, and more noise than the banks to walk away from the pure pop-punk style of their latest album. Some critics have pointed to the inclusion of the "classic" elements or "mainstream" rock, say "de-emphasizes punk-pop hyperactivity in favor of simply designed modern rock album.

In 2005, Simple Plan also released the live album, MTV Hard Rock Live, the live versions of songs from the previous album contained. The album is available in two different versions? standard, and an edition Fan Pack. The Standard Edition contains the sound of the show, the acoustic version of Crazy, two live video performances of the first two songs "Jump" and "Shut Up!" and a booklet with pictures of the show. The package contains audio and video editing on the overall performance in 5.1 surround sound, three acoustic tracks for "Crazy", "Welcome To My Life" and "Perfect", 32 pages in color tour book and Simple Plan is a patch PIN.

Simple Plan (2006? Moment)
The group in concert in Trenton NJ, December 2007
Editorial: A Simple Plan (album)

After nearly one year and half in support of "Still Not Getting Any ...", the band ended most touring in February 2006, when only a few shows, take some time off and start working on their third album. As announced in Bouvier official MySpace blog, Bouvier on his way to Miami as on about March 21, 2007 to work with the unnamed producer, who later turned out to be Dave Portman. The group into the studio for preproduction in Los Angeles on June 29 On July 15 they returned to Montreal, to record at Studio Piccolo, the same studio where they recorded No "Still getting an ...." They finished recording and headed to Miami and Los Angeles mixing the album. The last part of entry will be made in New York and was officially completed on October 21, although she later returned to the studio to start recording on some of the words of the song "Generation".

"When I left," the first to Simple Plan published on 29 October as part of a fan webcast the band held. Simple Plan was produced by Dave Portman (Evanescence, Mudvayne), Danjahandz (Timbaland Justin Timberlake) and Max Martin known for work with Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson, but also because working with Britney Spears since the beginning of his career. On February 17, 2008, Simple Plan achieved their highest single track in the UK. After the first two albums just missed the top 40 in Britain, "when I'm gone" gave the band their best chart position in the United Kingdom, is at number 26.

On November 29, 2007, the band released a CD would be postponed to January 29 organization that originally, in 2008 in what was the effective date of February 12, 2008. The Japanese version with two bonus tracks, was released February 6, 2008.

After completing a world tour to promote, Simple Plan played several December 2007 holiday shows. After continued promotional tours in January, Simple Plan played a triple bill in Camden Town, London 27 January 2008 with the first show with songs from the first CD of the group, the second in the second and third of the new statement. The tape four shows in the United States played in late February, and completed a European tour running until late April. The band played four days in Japan and some European festival dates and key points.

Chouinard replacements for Stinco, June 2008

On May 8, 2008, the newspaper reported that Stinco would temporarily Quebec to leave the band 3 to 29 June 2008, for paternity leave. Stinco was not part of the performance of the group at the Download Festival on June 13, but returned for the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto on June 15 he does not play on the performance of the group in a summer festival June 21 in Altamont, New York or The next day at Six Flags New England, with Qu? Lois B musician? Jean-S? Bastien Chouinard took his place in every show. Stinco returned for the group show in Charlotte, NC June 28

On July 1, 2008, the group gave a free concert on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City, attracting a crowd of 150,000 on Canada Day.

Back in the Far East in late July and early August, the band of the cross-Canada tour played with Faber Drive, Cute is what we strive for and Metro Station (All-American refused to publish originally for the tour, but canceled because of other commitments ). After the dates in Germany, Mexico and Australia, the European tour the band played its second year of October 28 to November 29, playing Estonia and Poland for the first time. The band also played in Tel Aviv and Dubai in early December? Shows where the band played as a four piece, with Desrosiers absent due to a family emergency and Lefebvre on bass. The band played eight show tour South America in March, and they play various festivals and solo exhibitions in cities ranging from Moscow to Calgary before hitting the studio to record their fourth album this fall.

In August 2008, "I can wait forever" is chosen as the theme song for Animax Asia LAMB Powered original length. The group appears in the role of sci-fi cyberpunk anime as himself, performing the theme song. Animax Asia is also animated music video for "I Can wait forever." In October 2008 the group recorded its own version of The Hockey Theme, for forty years the theme song for Hockey Night in Canada.

Since 2008? 09 NHL season, their song "Generation" (a part of the current number as the team scores) horn of the objectives of the Montreal Canadiens in the NHL.

They perform for the first time in Balloon Festival of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, August 8, 2009, and was a crowd of 60,000 people. The new towns were the support act.


Simple Plan style of music is described as pop-punk by the Calgary Herald, The Torontoist, Channel News Asia, Allmusic, NME, MTV, The Guardian, BBC, Rock Louder, Entertainment Weekly and VH1, punk rock revivalist by New York Times, "Dude Rock" Digital Spy with critics of Rolling Stone described Helmets No Pads ... No Like the punk and their eponymous album balls as "an arena-emo 'is described as someone who" pop-punk energy and modern classic Sonic "in a press release on Marketwire.

Side Projects

Besides their participation in the group, members of Simple Plan is involved in projects from several sides.

Simple Plan Foundation
The band plays as a quartet in Dubai in the absence of Desrosiers December 5, 2008

The members of Simple Plan have helped nonprofit groups and advocacy organizations that support by many as the set of MTV Asia have ADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), grade (artists, actors and athletes against Drunk Driving) and the Make-A- Wish. However, after being frustrated because the members do not know exactly where their money goes to the members of Simple Plan created the Simple Plan Foundation, an organization that focuses on the problems of adolescence, ranging from suicide to poverty to drug addiction. As of December 9, 2005, the Simple Plan Foundation raised more than $ 100,000. The list of donors included venues on their Tachwedd-December 2005 Canadian tour.

In June 2008, Bouvier announced plans for the foundation to distribute $ 100,000 to organizations that children and families in difficulties because of illness or discomfort to help. The selected organizations are the Children's Wish Foundation, Kids Help Phone and War Child Canada and College Beaubois (the problem of Alma High School All group members except Desrosiers).

In addition, the members held a benefit for the foundation in August. Although the group in January show in Montreal was good for the Foundation, which is described as the first fundraising event. It included brunch and acoustic performance. Additional fundraising event was scheduled for September 2009 in Montreal.

In October 2008 the group has a special declaration on iTunes, one God bless you, for the Institute, with a special composite video, including cancer survivors. The song was inspired by the struggle against cancer of Bouvier's brother Jay.

Damage Control

Damage Control is a reality series hosted by Bouvier that first aired on MTV on March 6, 2005. To limit the damage, the parents told their teenage son or daughter, they went into the weekend, but in reality they are only a few houses each surveillance cameras and hidden microphones Bouvier. Adolescents are placed in awkward situations where he / she must make decisions. Parents can make money if they can guess what their child has done, and when the parents come back (always with too little time for people to hide what happened), a teenager, always aware of the filming, money gain by confessing. Two seasons were filmed before broadcast episodes, and no more are planned or filmed, because the chance that after the broadcast episodes, potential subjects would quickly catch up on what happened.

Man of the hour

Man Of The Hour is a simple side project, Lefebvre and Patrick Langlois. Man Hour internet radio show is available on iTunes Alternative Radio - Radio idobi. During a radio, Langlois and Lefebvre noted that Man Of The Hour started as a joke, and are eager to start a band called because they like how it sounds. They also say they had no time, and realize that it is faster to a radio instead to pre-recorded. The exhibition presents observations of Lefebvre and Langlois, who has some time to play songs they love, and feature occasional guests (in person or by telephone), including members of Simple Plan and crew.

Role Model Clothing

Role Model Clothing clothing line owned by Bouvier, Comeau (who are often seen wearing the shirts on stage and music videos of the band) and Langlois. Online markets mostly shirts, which invariably also the "model" of words in the design. Erik Chandler, bass and vocals is backed by the band Bowling for Soup, is often seen wearing a T-shirt as a role model.


Patrick Langlois
Langlois (wearing a Role Model shirt) records Simple Plan's performance in Osaka in May 2008.

Patrick "Pat" Langlois (also known as "Patrick C. Cunningham") is a friend of the band was responsible for merchandising (he was often running the "daughter drop"), and also acts as webmaster, photographer and videographer .

On December 7, 2008, Lee on the website of the band would continue to work for the group, but also a mobile journalist musique plus. He said he would continue to offer fans "simple plan". However, the program works in Langlois, MP6, was canceled by Musique Plus in early December. Langlois is still employed by MuchMusic, doing interviews, and is sometimes seen in simple plan shows.

Langlois has appeared in most of the videos of Simple Plan, with performances sometimes painful. He was kicked in the crotch in "I Do Anything", a bowling ball fell on his head and his apartment destroyed in "Addicted", was overthrown by the band "would not you think", which was a broken bottle in his hand a tennis ball hit by Lefebvre in "When I left." It is also considered an endorsement of a "perfect" as a valet in "Shut Up", the crowd in the gym in "I Kid, from a car in" Welcome To My Life ", and that the emergency worker" Untitled (How Could this happen to me?) "the video was his nickname was used as the name of a drunk driver.

Contact with "What's New, Scooby-Doo? "

Earlier in his career, Simple Plan had a strong association with What's New, Scooby-Doo. They perform the theme song and appeared as himself in the episode "Simple Plan and crazy invisible" parts of "The Day of the worst ever" will be heard twice, as well as parts of the "do not mean Anything." In addition to heard in the episode "I do everything", "In other words, the green, it's the Mystery Machine."

The song "Grow Up" is used in the movie 2002, 'Scooby Doo', and is the official soundtrack of the film. The song "I do not think about you" is used in the movie, Scooby-Doo 2:. Monsters Unleashed The video for the song the band race through the city to go to the premiere of the movie Scooby-Doo (the dog and the other cast members appeared in the first), second only to arrive late.

Simple Plan has also appeared in "New York Minute" movie in 2004, including holiday songs in a live concert in the film.


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