Evanescence Biography

Evanescence is a Grammy-winning band founded in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA in 1995 by singer / pianist Amy Lee and guitarist Ben Moody (who left in 2003).

After recording private albums, the band released their first album, full length, fell in 2003, which sold more than 15 million copies worldwide and helped the band win two Grammy Awards. A year later, Evanescence released their first album live, anywhere but Home, which sold more than a million copies worldwide. In 2006 the band released their second album and the last open door, which has sold more than five million copies.

The group currently consists of Amy Lee (vocals, piano, keyboards), Terry Balsamo (guitar) and Tim McCord (bass). Former members include David Hodges (piano, keyboards, choirs, in 2002), Ben Moody (guitars, back in 2003), William Boyd (bass, back in 2006), John LECOMPTE (guitar, choir, downloaded in 2007 ) and Rocky Gray (drums, back in 2007). Session members include Troy McLawhorn (guitar) and Hunt (drums), both from Dark New Day, they were "loaned" to replace LECOMPTE and Gray tour in 2007.

Amy Lee and Ben Moody met in 1994 at a youth camp in Little Rock, where Moody heard Lee playing I'd do anything for Love (But I will not do it) by Meat Loaf on the piano. Their first songs were alone and give me written by Lee, and understanding, My Immortal, written by Moody. Songs were edited by both artists, and they shared equal credit.

Two of Lee and Moody were found Playtime songs on local radio stations, raising local awareness and demand for a group show. The group emerged at the end of living, and became one of the most popular acts in the area. After experimenting with band names, how childish and hit targets, they decided on Evanescence, which means "disappearance" or "fading away" (from the word evanescens, which means "to disappear"). Lee has stated she loves the name because "it is mysterious and dark, and put a picture in the minds of listeners.".

Their first full-length demo CD, Origin (released in 2000), is relatively unknown. The group also released two eps. For the first self-titled Evanescence EP (1998), of which about 100 copies were made, and secondly they slept EP, also known as the Whisper EP (1999), is limited to 50 copies. Origin and EPS contains demo versions of some songs on their debut album Fallen. For example, the registration of the Fallen found my Immortal also be found on Origin, minus a handful of additional string accessories. Only 2500 copies of this record were produced, in response, Lee and Moody encouraged fans to download old songs from the Internet group.

In several interviews Amy has stated that "Origin" was not an album, it was intended only as a demo. While it looks like an official CD, he had never intended to officially come out. "Amy Lee .. The Origin" is not to say an album 'Origin' is clearly not an album that we recorded its demos recorded that long ago, in Ben's apartment or in my parents attic with an 8 - track recorder, which costs $ 300. This sounds like shit. Do not feel bad that you do not have it, just download it. This seems less like an album, because we had an artist make us cold this album cover because we were shopping it to record companies. We have put everything that was in there and some songs have "fallen", is just right. "Video of this interview is available here.

The group sent the 'Origin' of some record companies, and ultimately Wind-Up Records signed them. The Group recorded a large collection of people in the year 2001 and 2002. Later, the group began working on their second album, full length. But after the album was completed, Hodges left the band in December 2002.

Album, entitled "Fallen" was released later in March 2003. He brought the band international fame, selling 14 million copies worldwide. "Fallen" has gone from 6 times platinum in the U.S. and has sold more than 15 million copies total worldwide.

But immediately after Moody left the band, 22 October 2003 due to internal clashes with members of the group. He was later replaced by guitarist Terry Balsamo from Cold group. Before leaving Moody, had Gray, LECOMPTE, and Boyd were members of the session, but later they became full-time staff members.
At the 2004 Grammy Awards, Evanescence won Best New Artist and Best Hard Rock Performance for their single to bring into being, known worldwide by the Daredevil soundtrack. In the same year the band released a live CD / DVD titled "anywhere but Home ', which also sold 1 million copies worldwide and went platinum in the U.S..

Later, the group began working on their next release. Many things set back the release, including health problems with Terry. He unfortunately suffered a stroke, but has recovered successfully. Amy also threw their old chief, whom they had relationships with the 'fallen', and brought to justice. In 2006 they came together to record their second album, entitled "Open Door" and to shoot a video for single Call me when you're sober. On July 13, 2006 Lee announced through Evanescence online message board that bassist Boyd has decided to leave the group to make time for his personal life and family. Tim McCord was announced as the replacement shall Boyd in August 2006.

"Open Door", debuted at number 1 in Australia, USA, Greece, Germany and Switzerland. It sold over 1 million copies worldwide within the first week of its release.

The second single from "Open Door" was Lithium. A video was shot just - directed by Paul Fedor (who worked with Marilyn Manson, Seether, and Deftones). It took two days to film, 31 October and 1 November 2006.

The third single from "Open Door" Sweet Sacrifice was. Label, Wind-up, initially chose all that I live to be only the third, but was met with resistance from the fans. Video was shot on March 9 and 10, 2007. Directed by Paul Brown.

Fourth May 2007, John LECOMPTE, that he had been fired from Evanescence, and also said drummer Rocky Gray had decided to quit. Both musicians posted on their personal MySpace pages to confirm the news report, however, produced no circumstances of their departures, and no official statement has not yet been released by the band or label.

In his MySpace blog, LECOMPTE said Lee called his cell phone to his fire, and that no warning was given before nor were any negotiations made available. No replacements have been named as of yet, but Evanescence says they will continue touring and producing music.

Lee revealed during the recording of music too is January 9, 2007 episode of Live more than she had become engaged the previous evening. It EvThreads.com later confirmed that it was proposed by Josh Hartzler, a 29-year-old therapist and friend. She noted in an interview that the song pretty well, and bring me to life is inspired by him. The couple were married on 6 May 2007, and honeymooned near the Bahamas. She has posted on EvThreads that it is "now officially Mrs. Amy Hartzler."

Recently, Lee and Evanescence (with temporary members) headed a single show in Sao Paulo, Brazil at a music festival. A week ago, Lee put on his Twitter that the group needs to practice and should play a secret show in New York City's Palace.

On another note. Lee has confirmed that the third album is on its way and is set for release in late 2010. A short video that appeared on a Twitter account that shows group member practicing and recording.

On 22 January 2010, sent Amy on her Twitter that the b-side together again would be a gift to all who donate even small amounts of aid work in Haiti.