Green Day Biography

Consisting of:

1988 Pinole Valley High School, Pinole, California.

Billie Joe Armstrong - vocals and guitar

Mike Dirnt - bass

Tre Cool - drums
Quote from singer Billie Joe Armstrong:

"You know, when people say" my favorite band, who ', and you know that you are talking about the classic rock band. Well, I want people talking about Green Day is on its way. "
Trivia Facts:

The name Green Day were nice kids.
Early Years:

Green Day originates from the northern California underground punk scene in the late 80 years. Their first album, 1039 / wipe Slappy Hours was a collection of three previously unreleased Parliament. Shortly after the album Tré Cool replaced drummer John Kiffmeyer was published, complete the trio that make up the group today. After the second album, Kerplunk, released in 1992, the group signed to major label Reprise.

Dookie Reprise was released in spring 1994. MTV jumped on the video for first single, "Longview" Shortly after the album was released. The second single "Basket Case" the forefront of modern rock singles chart for 5 weeks. The band continues to win customers and ultimately Dookie reached # 2 on the pop album charts and has sold 10 million copies. The single "When I Come Around", over to pop radio making Green Day, one of the biggest bands in the world.
Insomniac by Green Day and Fall:

The next album, Insomniac was fractious in 1995 and only sell 2 million copies. Green Day in 1996 abolished tour claiming exhaustion. The next album Nimrod pleased critics, but sales were disappointing, although the ballad was "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)" beat a left field.

After 3 years of break, the album was released on warning. It was the easiest pop album, the band released yet, but does not ignite much excitement. Appeared after a greatest-hits collection International Superhits in 2001 it seemed that the band was the heyday ended.
Green Day is the world's biggest rock band:

Green Day serious consideration to breaking up, but spent a year preparing for their questions. Stolen after studying the group for the new album was the band together soon, a new album, at least partially inspired by extensive Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody". The result was anti-Bush rock opera American Idiot, released in fall 2004. Although the group feared it would be a mistake, the album will be a great success resulted in the trio, the first No. 1 hit albums, a Grammy for Rock Album of the Year and # 2 pop single "Boulevard of Broken Dreams ". The album eventually sold over five million copies in the U.S. alone.

Green Day back in the studio with a new producer, Butch Vig of Garbage, recorded after the great success with American Idiot. More than 4 1 / 2 years later was completed 21st Century Breakdown. The first single from the new collection is Know Your Enemy.

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