Nirvana Biography

Core Members: Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl

Established: 1987, Aberdeen, Washington

Key Albums: Nevermind (1991), (1993) in-utero

Nirvana was a popular rock groups VZP of mine and of my success in the history of recorded music. VZP Seattle trio were Kurt Cobain (born Christmas 1967 ME 20, died 5 April 1994) face, and featured the Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl on drums future. Your albums second and kop, nevermind in utero 1991 and 1993, are two of my Great bílkovinný sale in historický. Receive my E PNEUMATIKY brokovnice heritage of suicide in 1994, Cobain, Nirvana legend holds air.


Nirvana were in Aberdeen, Washington, born in 1985 were presented krátké Cobain Krist Novoselic's bass player and friend of the mutual pneumatic, Buzz Osborne of the Melvins. Osborne was instrumental in the development of music Cobain, SE along my 14-year-old Kurt to see us show its flag in the room Rock Set "hillbilly zemědělský dělník," Přihlášení city, was one of the only man who asked Cobain dense housing in the data.

"I been so asociální přišel I went nuts," said Cobain, the teenage years of the trial in a Howl with Rozhovory 1993. "I felt so different and so the only crazy people just leave. DO I Ct. To be surprised if they had voted for Vice o MNE likely to us a man killed at the school dance Mesmer." Vhodně enough, at the beginning of Cobain's 80-to VZP hardcore bands like Scratch Acid, Rapeman, pinball and Black Flag, By his own admission, inspired song "Here zastoupeny jsem than angry." Infancy

HRA koncerty in Aberdeen and Olympia, Nirvana budding developed one after the pokračoval místní. Recording demos with Jack Endino, formed the group attracted the attention of Sub Pop in Seattle-štítek. To us they agreed žíly VZP Nirvana debut album. Dolarů 606.17 Záznam cost so cemented in legend in travel notes of Dylan Carlson, was a friend of the group krátké they played "Guitar" listed in the photographs were donated, but was in a vice představuje o defense. Grohl, such a signature part of Nirvana, not next to us we go derivative album.

Bleach, completed in 1989 census was released, and His ASHP garage rockové zdobené texty about "living in Aberdeen." Role playing the Humber, Cobain texty immediately struck a chord with young people right hlasů the U.S. and Europe. Bleach While initial sales of 35 000 copies of it seems a bit late compared MNE Vice alba o Nirvana, it represents an achievement of the underground. VZP support groups as Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr. and Nirvana were received applause intenzivní dvořil VZP major labels. Youth Voice in recommending Kim Gordon, David Geffen, they signed with DGC.

In 1991, Nirvana was my Great in posla Group. In essence, we anes Rear ee a song: "smells like Teen Spirit". VZP my title its a part of graffiti sprayed Kathleen Hanna of Bikini zabít ng Cobain took effort za The "rip off the Pixies" was. ALL First Group has he played Butch Vig, the producer is responsible vydavatelům her second album, he USTYE barely contain his excitement. "Fantastic, was swollen," Vig CT. Rolling Stone to say. "I was across the room rate, vévoda trying not to jump up and down in ecstasy."

Cut was hit a large, table vévoda vydavatelům incredible success of záznamů number two, nevermind. Geffen above show that there was no IDE ATA SE cFares were originally, only 400 000 copies pressure. She has completed the sale of copies over 26 milionů. Of course, growth was slow jsem, abych just debuted at # 144 in U.S..

Vzdorně although other writing on the wall (Voice village called Nevermind, "nejchytlavější, filled full of anthems since ee-o-[Bon Jovi] kluzké ALL WET") USTYE see is Cobain. "I přišla NOT the right or to sell," said Cobain jedl time. "I do not see Nirvana always as big as Metallica or Guns n ',' he later offered to us, even after the group was in its way a vydavatelům informace o stavu umění.

In a way, it is expected that the controversial relationship with Cobain measures. "I can not accept the usual macho stance feebleminded. DO I Ct. Be my be very comfortable that we diváků my people who are so EVERY měsíců" he complained. Zine in conversation with shark in 1991, has said that de burn with anger was "tired" we ", such as backbone, lethargic, and was guilty of" Generac X was. If this is Cobain as a spokesman for a generation vydavatelům it, there is he pulling any punches.


We use in 1992, SAMA o Nirvana stove surprising success, Geffen is a collection of nevydaných a song, people, things and rare versions with cobblestone alternativní. Cobain, do you always call jedli provokativní Incesticide. The singer took the opportunity to make us a destructive balls travel notes, e AQ What was controversial was left out of written test VZP výlisky next to us. , Cobain "At this point I přišel a request vydavatelům our fans," he wrote in "Open letter" to the HIS. "If a VZP you in any way hate homosexuals, people with different skin color, or velký, please do us the favor us in GES - feritové lněný us just DO NOT come to shows tons and buy our records."

Frustration vokalizoval roof Cobain came a year in which the group had grown into a giant FIRMY za sat with her criticism of the original Far public: punk-rock fans. As someone who wanted to contain nothing but "pure music underground" bands, his favorite time of vazelíny, pláštěnky, Young Marble Giants, Os Mutantes and Cobain is hitting where it hurts. "I felt terrible," he said Sassy "ct us this request. Vydavatelům to avoid just because you play the corporate game, you are not honest."

"I do not blame seventeen years KEC average punk-rock shows a vydavatelům ME," Cobain said in a more Rozhovory Rolling Stone 92. "I understand this. Maybe if they grow little, ATA CT. To understand Mr. Vice living things that lives out in the identity your Rock n 'roll in the right way."

In February 1992, Cobain married Courtney my love of the ITS group hole Dahšúru VZP. In August the same year The PNEUMATIKY daughter, Frances Bean Cobain was born there. Cobain credited with Rozhovory a Los Angeles Times in 1992 ms SE to help keep jedli vydavatelům union over the edge. "I think the book on various SEM at 10 to Vititovi last fondue," he said. "My manager would I or niche group, but mostly I just SE CT. Get up and say to Courtney:" OK, that's it. "But this Ct. To pass in a day or two."

Cobain complained was SE "Great thing which touches my [jedli] all the crazy rumors that heroin was a rumor," but he had gone in and love záznamu, admitted Using the drogy. "To all, I přišel heroins vydavatelům to save us some time," said Dutch Journal dna Cobain.

Legacy Cemented

It turned out this time Spasitele VZP in the womb, by an ever nejbezútěšnější VZP albums debut stand number. Seřadit podle requested was "registered in my album a First zastoupená vydavatelům nearly a year," my Nirvana producer Steve Albin, former big-man Rapeman Loznica AND HIS enthusiastic before vydavatelům known to use simple, no production. Cobain said dna, bílkovinný "The image of the group was medializovaný derivative in scandalous proportions, we o stove Kishimen impression it does not matter in SE cFares We Get It Ct. To ona anyway."

Results were not Nirvana is my best sheep of corporate oversight. "One of A & R of my night called me and said:" I do not know how to drive away, it sounds like crap, has Spíš impact on battery, you can not hear zpěv. "He did not think songwriting was derivative at par," Cobain told Melody Maker. "A couple of other people, management, our attorneys do not like záznamů not."

Although he has not felt Cobain "negativní záznam" the lead single "box tvar heart" správné "SE" Helen / Wait / I byl Pick one of znovu Anke "HIS was his jokes about the interpretation of the media in utero clearly is a chronicle of the troubled soul.

If the leadoff skladby sampuli SE tady Nevermind, as Teen Spirit "album vydavatelům serotonin, NE utero is also making a game of" Serve the servants. "While Cobain claimed bílkovinný was" our disease, poor health and feel trapped, "he plays as a meditation on hate veterinární. HIS bitter cynic, ironický opening lines -" Teenage STRACH had better pay / Now I'm bored and old "- set serotonin to us data that was originally called Cobain Nenávidím that and I want to die.
We left jedli Time, SE-title seemed to work as a comedy, but with a bit o stove year later, it looked like a sad cry for help za. Nirvana MTV Unplugged After he played the legendary pneumatic set in November 1993, as bílkovinný and later performed Cobain screw stuck in a downward spiral of abuse drugs and diseases.

HRDINKA canceled after an overdose, and and a Rohypnol Tjet in alcohol, which were immediate DATAVER Vstupenky Nirvana. Cobain Women control the order of his friends that, in a rehabilitation center in Los Angeles. Just one day later, Cobain climbed a fence and took a taxi to Los Angeles Airport and flew back to Seattle. His whereabouts are unknown VZP family and friends Cobain committed suicide at his home in Lake Washington 5 April 1994, the body WHY NOT EVEN HIS ui removed in three Late derivative úvěrů vice.

"I have not felt the excitement of hearing [and] the composition of music" in his letters said farewell, in part, "od many years now." Thinking seems seděl Mnou vydavatelům integrity POWER AND ITS derivative of the music that we fondue, dedicated sealed Cobain legacy as a genius.

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