New Found Glory Biography

Sizes: 1997 in Coral Springs, FL
Years Active: 90 's, 00' s
Genre: Rock

Hailing from Coral Springs, Florida, was a pop-punk band New Found Glory singer Jordan Pundik in the middle of 1997, bassist Ian Grushka, drummer Joe Moreno (replaced by former drummer Cyrus Bolooki after the initial release of the band) , and guitarists Chad Gilbert (previously singer for Shai to do with her) and Steve Klein. Having recently graduated from high school classmates lost little time accumulate a cult following, and then climb to the top level of the pop-punk music of Good Charlotte, saves the day, and other affiliated Warped Tour bands.

Known for their energetic live shows, New Found Glory went up and down the east coast late '90s, pushing the total sales of their debut EP in 1997, is all about the girls along the way. (EP appeared in Fiddler Records, which later reissued Girls new art cover 2003.), Full-length debut effort Nothing gold stick, 1999 Drive-Thru Records and released the album in the same year, New Found Glory signed a recording contract with MCA. Another EP, 2000, from the screen to your stereo, found that boys face a number of cover songs, the band's disc also paved the way for the release of the first gold-selling album, New Found Glory, appeared in the same year. The last album was the official debut of a new name for the group, which has eliminated its original name indefinite article. High-profile tour with blink-182, Warped Tour slot open, and the appearance of a teen movie American Pie 2 helped increase New Found Glory walked, and he resigned in 2001 to work at the end of the studio to record the follow -up.

The results of these recordings have been released in the summer of 2002 with sticks and stones. Move the hit singles "My Friends Over You" NFG snagged 2002 Warped Tour headliner place to watch their album climb to gold certification. After the tour, and clamor, New Found Glory back in the studio with newfound restlessness. The results, published in May 2004, the band was the catalyst sweet punk-pop full of new influences from hardcore to thrash to new wave found. This disaster is a concert DVD: Live in London was released the same year, to witness the strength of the band concert.

Catalyst peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Top 200 and eventually went gold, in part because of the success of "all downhill from here." Combine producer Thom Panunzio (Ozzy Osbourne, Tom Petty), NFG their matured fifth full-length, Coming Home, in September 2006. As before, just off the road in support of the album, sticking to a long program of headlining dates in the U.S. and the UK, where the beginning of November and the Competition Authority to carry. The second edition of the screen to your stereo system came in 2007, with the pop-punk covers of songs like Lisa Loeb's "Stay" and Simple Minds' "Do not you forget about me." The group then joined the Epitaph Records roster and started a new album, but not without a struggle that Blink-182 Mark Hoppus manufacturer., Two years later, New Found Glory went back to work with producer Neal Avron, who worked with them with sticks and stones, and the catalyst for their seventh album, Radiosurgery.

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