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In recent years, made Flo Rida trick pretty neat. Not only is Florida rapper born thanks to a lighting map to popular U.S. "Low (feat. T-Pain)," "Right Round", "Club can not handle," and his last few hits times, the "feel good" and "The Wild Ones (SIA Peat.)," he has broken the barriers of the millions of fans of pop, hip-hop and music club in the world connects, and settled in, international genre-busting superstar in the process. Flo Rida brings his experiences traveling the world, that his fourth studio album, Wild Ones. "In recent years, I've been everywhere - Africa, Japan, Greece, South America, Russia, Middle East, Australia, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and the United States and Europe, "said Flo. "You name it, I go there., And I have to go to the best clubs and the most extreme that really influenced this album. Certainly this album, I feel I need to show people that I have a life. " Songs like "feel good" and "Let It Roll" jam is addictive, fun and party. Her latest single "Whistle," shows a bell infectious acoustic guitar and whistle, already experiencing summer song. Jennifer Lopez added his sultry voice, the club finished "Sweet Spot" and Redfoo of LMFAO keeps the party going extra track "Run." "Every album I try a lot of variety show, but every time it is more, because there is no way I can get my fans the same old thing." Wild Ones, envelope-pushing is a collection of party-friendly anthems that showcase Flo Rida signature stop-and-go flow, melodic phrase, massive hooks and beats one billion U.S. dollars, as well as his clever lyricism. "I like to sit down and come up with a melody, before I even applied to the text," he said. "Because if you do track, you will need a tool not just rap over the beat. Contacting me Road, the spiritual." Submitted soulful tone, Flo Rida co-host list composers and producers, including Dr. Luke, Calvin, Sia, Rico Love, DJ Frank E, Axwell, futuristic and SoFly and Luis. "I am picky about who I work," says Flo Rida. "You do not have to be a big name, but I feel like they bring something outside the box."
He may be surrounded by star power, but Flo Rida proves that it is one-on-and-such on the Wild Ones. Born Tramar Millard, Flo Rida was raised by a single mother in a rough neighborhood of Miami Carol City. "Growing up in the projects, you never know when you would have to set up on the earth, because they are fire or police SWAT team on the roof," he said. "My mother nurture in us you may be out of the ghetto, but you do not have to be part of it. 'Cause when it came down to a few things to do, I decided to be a leader and make more positive things. " Music helped Flo Rida stay on the right path. His father was a gifted musician who encouraged his son to express themselves through music. Growing up, Flo Rida was exposed to all kinds of music, mainly because his sister, who formed a local gospel. When he was a teenager, found local success Flo Rida rapping with a group called Groundhoggz. At 18, he became the hype man for Fresh Kid Ice 2 Live Crew. Flo Rida will eventually attracted the attention Swing Levant, a former famous R & B group Jodeci, and spent a few years in Los Angeles to work with him. Unable to land a record deal, Flo Rida returned home to Miami in late 2006 and associated with Poe Boy Entertainment and its CEO, Elric "E-Class" Prince. Months later, Flo Rida ink a deal with Atlantic Records. Published in March 2008, Flo Rida first album Mail on Sunday resulted in 3 singles, including "Low", which spent 10 weeks at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and went on to become one of most successful digital singles of the last decade. T-Pain to view broken, now more than 6x-platinum, appears on the soundtrack of the movie Step Up 2: The Streets and was one of the biggest rap given to the United States received the 2008 Flo Rida People's Choice Award for "Favorite Hip-Hop Song" and Estonia for MTV Music Award "Application MTV." He took his first two Grammy nominations scoring in the "Best Rap / Sung Collaboration" and "Best Rap Song." Mail on Sunday was gold in Australia and Canada and established Flo Rida is one of the most versatile MC to hold the microphone. Embracing the world is the culmination of years of building their skills and confidence underground circuit.
In March 2009, Flo Rida released his second album ROOTS (an acronym for "Path to battle to overcome"), which debuted at No. 8 on the Billboard Top 200 and was nominated for a Grammy Award for "Rap Album Best. " Flo Rida has a second story of the album first single, "Right Round", which today is still the best-selling one-week digital single ever sold more than 636,000 downloads in its first week. Moreover, "Right Round" is the fastest-selling single ever digital, with sales of one million downloads in just two weeks. In June 2010, it was Flo Rida Top 4 10 U.S. single with "I can not deal Club" (also appears on the soundtrack of the movie Step Up 3D) and gave the fans a taste of party studio album, but Flo (Part 1) to come. World anthem produced by David Guetta, "Club can not cover me," is almost 3x platinum. Only one Flo (Part 1) also includes the international hit "Turn Around (5, 4, 3, 2, 1), and" Who Dat Girl (feat. Akon). ' Flo Rida is fast approaching remarkable 60000000 Large are sold worldwide. "Wild Ones (feat. Sia)" refers to a superstar is the sixth consecutive RIAA platinum-certified mention one of its Top 5 5 hit on the comprehensive Billboard "Hot 100" in the table. As for his great success, Flo Rida says: .. "If you have a dream and stay positive, there is no way you can miss the fact that I come from, where I've been able to travel to and from the world is just crazy, I saw my whole family is coming to the show. they have a stroller, four-year-old daughter and 7-year-old boy. It blew me away, so they gave me their time, so I want people my age. "To Flo Rida , Big Dreams For Kids Foundation and Florida Youth Football League (P), two non-profit organizations dedicated to improving the lives of inner-city, disadvantaged young people through education, sports team, family enrichment and support. Flo also set up his own label, International Music Group (IMG). "It's one thing for me, to me, to be successful in the music, but with the right message and have the ability to connect with people, I knew I was something important, which gives opportunity for people hoping to do "says Flo Rida. "When I was growing up, the celebrities in the projects where I live, and hear them talk about how they could have been financially stable for me., I felt the need to go back and talk to children and let them know what's happening in my life, how some of these people for me., I feel it is my duty to put a smile on people's faces, be it through my music and my boyfriend, or by , I always intend to do. "

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