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The metal strips and then is the Lamb of God.

A new type of modern American metal built in the 2000s, Lamb of God to become an architect design a plan that would become the standard for bands that came after them will be assessed. So often, the metal has set the tone and create a creative high water mark in the global metal scene, provides a template to follow their American brethren. Then came the Lamb of God, and all bets are off.

That was the Lamb of God, who rewrote the rules, PlayBook has developed a new and better standard. The genre was changed forever and irreversible, the band did.

Mid-00s was full of metal, Renaissance, when you want, in America, the genre has enjoyed many years of success and respect renovation critical. Lamb of God worked on the scene to the problem without the alpha males dominate every step of the way, so there is a parade of other activities to celebrate their remains and pieces. Mind you, this is not a scene, or a live action style cooler. The stage is full of quality bands and yet, he was the Lamb of God, who during a specified period, and the rapid growth in both game-changers, and the torch bearers. No problems. He asked.

It turned out to be exactly what you can do with a broken surface and make a plan.

In 2012, Lamb of God remain the pre-eminent metal band and not by default, either. The scene is still intact, although some of their peers who stood alongside them in this period of growth have fallen by the wayside. Lamb of God continues to reign at the top of the genre thanks to its consistent ability to feed only the best extreme metal fans. Their album Resolution 7 to find the group at full speed and do things your way. As if we expect nothing less from Virginia destructive Crew.

With a rich history, including three Grammy nominations, a professional tour with Metallica (which happened at the World Trek Magnetic 2008-2010), more debuts Top 10 on the Billboard Top 200 (2009 Wrath debuted at No. 2 at the same time, 2006 , Sacrament, debuted at No. 8), multiple Platinum-selling DVD (Killadelphia and Walk With Me In Hell); arena tour with Slipknot (held in 2005), the main stage of Ozzfest (2006) and the fact that they wear prohibits in Los Angeles (Talk had problems with his name and launched both banned shows, one of Slipknot and Metallica) as a badge of honor, no doubt, that the Lamb of God rest in a metal rule. All others will be left to see admire, and smother their dust. However, do not rely on past successes, or what they did. As the Lamb of God, who came in 2002 came in 2002 and the matter now what happens: Resolution.

With determination of the Lamb of God from his sanctuary in the south as powerful, and as hungry as extreme as ever. While most bands albums have sputtering rot or commuting and No. 7, the Lamb of God regeneration. They still have something to say, and more to prove ... themselves, and not someone else. The sonic terrorist team playing on the road squats, basements as a permanent part of the Burn Priest: The instinct to legitimate, honest music your way, which is exactly what they did with it.

"The first and foremost thing you need to understand about the way that we do exactly what we want when we want and how we want," says vocalist Randy Blythe. "We always have and always. Following this, each record is a snapshot of time. Never, We are aware sit down and say," We do things the hard way. We will keep the metal. "We just do it because it is what we do., If we feel like fighting polka record tomorrow, we would., We are trying to be" smart "serious music."

Point taken, and tours are definitely committed to a resolution, 100 percent trend-free and intelligently constructed album that could power a small country with unstoppable energy and riffery strong. In a scene full of "here today, gone tomorrow 'bands', Lamb of God, who survive, because there is nothing to prevent them from staying, of course, that they have deliberately chosen to start.'s Checks or collect sticker Exec application to respond to pen "Radio Song." This is the Lamb of God above. were the men who form a group, they are now a little older, a lot wiser and have families to support. Notwithstanding all these facts, making the music, and how to do so is something that will make them, and drives them to.

"You can still get a band rehearsal room to go to actually write music together and then record. Having a real band is still a viable option," Blythe said. "Bands disappeared with today's digital recording. Things progressed to the point where people are just playing riff or drum programming and design, and at the end of the day, technically perfect, but it's not a real record., We did not have. Our record is a true record. "Indeed, blood and adrenaline coursing through the veins of different decisions and its own momentum and anyone who will listen. This record is an amazing man.

"We did not spit templates Lamb of God record," says guitarist Mark Morton. "If you are bored or have nothing to say, stop. Provide other things in life, all of us, and we will do when we get bored. It's still exciting our record seventh studio. Momentum and continue to improve. " Not often encounter aggressive quality bands. It will play music physically taxing Full Tilt will be worn on the body and mind, but the Lamb of God will not be affected by such problems. They are like mutant swollen by challenging yourself. Although 2009 was strong enough to refer hate the sound of tectonic plates, the decision of the band beat out songs in his signature grooves and swagger makes them the heir apparent to the throne Pantera - Au LOGIN at the door before the judges during the recent years - but with a lot of attention to dynamics and refinement.

On the whole, Morton believes that the decision is the next chapter in his natural history of the band, and it is sent back to the past, he said. "Cleanliness is almost a complete circle music is, as in the first season and it was such a big ambition, in the business sense, apart from playing."

Drummer Chris Adler, has long been considered one of chin breeders metal droppingly talented and gifted rhythm agreed 'anger was beaten in the first round of the mighty shot in the face and was deliberately album very aggressive. Resolution is much more dynamic album. "He also believes that the solution born desire to surprise yourself with the fans who are happy riding. Said:" A lot of bands get to the point where they give out seven or eight minutes, and will take fans granted they do not. "Cool Kids" I'm not immune, and we want to push myself and surprised yourself not based on previous success DEFAULT one. Surprising and supporters. "Even so, there is no interest after some trends. Went on: .." The biggest thing is that we all want to be another "fill gaps" We do not just effect as Following this band, our approach and sound a little different than most of the bands we fight and argue. This process is so honest. "Because I said bandmate Blythe, Lamb of God, when the unit is living, not breathing creature, one that is plugged in

Desire to maintain "personal record" Adler and his teammates keep on top of their game this deep into an outstanding career. "What inspires me is the 21-year-old to win, I will," he said. "I have to prove to myself that I was still a player in this game and keep the best. Given the band is important for us to show ourselves that we have nothing left to offer., Dont 'need to make more records, but we want to make records. We do not want to damage the legacy of the band, so what we do is stronger than what we have done. resolved and we do that with our each other. "

How Blythe decided that the band the same goals as their humble beginning is what makes the album so real. Bassist John Campbell says, "cut heavy music was our goal since we started this., We want to be big, heavy band. Was believed that once we sell the concept. We all original members, and it is what we do. 'not an artificial thing, undertaking, to be famous and make money. Our core value is to write heavy music, and I think that is what makes a great band. "


So with that thought firmly in place and collectively, when it came time to write and record the determination and courage to go into the album, the band has decided to take part in the last producer Josh Wilbur, order which flow from them will be cursed ego. "We do not include Josh [Wilbur] a little earlier in the process this time," says guitarist Willie Adler. "For early objective ear process allows us to eliminate our ego at the time and really drive the best shit. Wanted as well, as the guitar is concerned that the true spirit still lives in our store."

Morton also shows that the band is trying something new and different resolution. "Unlike other album before the album was written over a number of years, least of guitars. Willie and I of songwriting as soon as he began traveling with Wrath" instead of his usual MO Touring writing back off the road. "Given the need recording software, we are able to go down ideas," he says of the top. Therefore, Resolution boasts some of the most punk rock moments and some moments bluesiest band recorded career, perhaps one live help in writing-on-the-way process.

Album can display some bands influences are deeper and less obvious, but Chris Adler quickly assess energy Crazy album. You can feel the tension and release the songs, so the album truly cathartic experience. He said: "We live on the edge of our capabilities in just some wild times in the music, but the sound of almost panic-inducing album is extremely aggressive and make sure people driven out of their assessment and quickly ... "

Blythe, rising, screaming voice, is known for spitting verses militaristic provocative, almost pastry-style drill sergeant. His voice and his style of command and deserve your attention. States in his words, that space is always convenient to him or you, but they always make you think about what it says. "I'm 40 years old, and I am now really getting clear rules, where is my place in my life," said Blythe. "This is my clarity after winning the party for a long time, look at your life and say," Here I am, where I want to go? '

In asking the question, which is nothing more than a fair share of bands pedigree, the average American fans are likely to be the singer promises decision to enter an entirely different domain. Although it may be uncomfortable experienced, record and ended up with a better record and more honest. He continues: "It is a record introverted and go through some unpleasant things I hope people who hear these topics to look at yourself and look at the world around me and said,." Here I am, I do not like it. "And try to change yourself. My overall feeling of the record is" awakening "."

The singer admits that he was interested in the earth beneath, aggressive music in his youth, offering a voice of dissent about that they relate to, so try and get the same feeling of the Lamb of God. "That's what I'm trying to run my music," he said. "Not everything very well. You have cable TV and Xbox in your car or anything else, but that does not mean that all is well and you can just stop because it's easy. Root, and I will try that lyric is "Think for yourself. "Do something, do something." And that's exactly what the bond Lamb of God's legion of loyal fans who stay with them seven albums. Well, that and beat riffs and grooves are technically proficient with nothing to do, as well!

Although the decision itself contains some "swampiest, things sludgiest" by Morton in his career, as well as some of the above "most punk" songs that never intend tape album also feel free to go to elsewhere and properties of strings, orchestral movements and bluesy, acoustic guitar live between the bands patented, powerful groove and swagger. The song "Rise" is a signature moment in a natural and intuitive Chris Adler, who revealed the song was written when the band was locked in a room together, and the task is to find out what happened.

Album closer "King Me" is a real gem of an album exhibits. Since the decision of punctuation, this is a beautiful piece of music, mottled, trading veterans meat potatoes. He was deliberately set at the end of the album, pays an unexpected point who spent hours of his life listening to what happened before. Although this is the Lamb of God to make music that could put hair on your chest, buzzing guitar, percussion and vocal statements rain intensity, it's still thinking man's metal.

"" King Me "is an epic story," Blythe says without hesitation. "It fits this definition, there is no way around it. If the song is an epic story that you want to do as much as possible, which is what we did with the opera singer and a host of creating . " Morton share a little more of the process and how they came to such an "epic" At the moment, said: "It is not that our songwriting approach or method, but it is true as we reach out" work "songs are things that have been linked to after the song, but they are a major influence on the overall sound .. I do not think we've seen that the" re-invent "themselves, it really is so simple as that, we will continue to strive to make music that interested and we attack the game, and we enjoyed the performance. "

Now, if the decision of the books and have confirmed its rightful place in God's individual body, dynamic, and boot-to-the-neck Lamb album already extensive hard work, along with epic moments and provocative, the goal is singular: to move the fans and connect with them, all while stimulating the creative itself. Lamb of God was satisfied with the album. Only question mark raised and the fans, and will be judged by the intensity of the decision is nothing but delighted fans when they hear the album.

Willie Adler said. "To see someone who has touched the music is truly inspirational to me whatever they feel emotion, what was going through in my life at the moment, when they feel nothing, I feel that I am doing my job. "It is true that the decision was the ability to connect the listener a more emotional level, except Sonic.

Morton, perhaps best summarizes the decision: "If it does not make you want to push the gas pedal to the floor a little harder to turn away a cop or throw a bottle against a brick wall, then I do my job. "

Few bands can craft an album that is as thoughtful as it is intuitive. One often sacrificed in favor of others. But this is not true. Lamb of God can create a masterpiece that allows listeners to open the layers of sound and meaning of each successive listen.

There are many reasons, Lamb of God continues to be at the top of his game in 2012, while others have faded and fell. Resolution is no evidence of a heavy metal band Fortress 2012th of that does not fit, or to get in touch.

In 2012, Resolution, Lamb of God won his place in the pantheon of metal.

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