The Ramones biography

Ramones revitalized rock and roll at one of its lowest tides, imbued with, brash and powerful energy of punk attitude, quick sound new. When punk-rock foursome hit the street in Queens, the first self-entitled album in 1976, the rock music scene in general had become somewhat bloated and narcissistic. Ramones goes back to basics: simple, fast, stripped-down rock and roll songs. Voice, guitar, bass, drums. No makeup, no egos, no light shows, no mess. And although the subject is sometimes dark, basement sullen young people think, the group also brought cartoonish fun and high energy excitement back to rock and roll. Ground-launched punk rock movement in New York and London - Clash among those who were paying attention when the Ramones first visit in Britain - and helped to downsize to a more reasonable climbing on the rocks and in stadiums around the clubs and neighborhood holes in the wall.

The first four Ramones albums - Ramones (1976), leaving home (1977), Rocket to Russia (1977), The Road to Ruin (1978) - triggered a revolution in music and lifestyle. Although the "Ramones song seems simple on the surface, it was a great pairing open almost sculptural sense to just bones left hard, iconography important. Moreover, although revered group of music at the beginning or in the middle sixties, is Briefly refined based on Top Forty radio in its heyday, which bring considerable originality Ramones. guitarist Johnny Ramone playing barre chords rapid fire style owed little or musician impact another group. Dee Dee Ramone raw-throated song giving countdown ("1-2-3-4"), which became the band's trademark, and he forged a relentless stream of eighth notes bass. anchored drummer Tommy Ramone superhuman frantic pulse energy. Joey Ramone song part of the fabric high energy, will become part of the joint common identity, Ramones are working hard to look effortless.

Ramones punk-rock movement to encourage their eponymous 1976 debut album. The fact that Punk is successful in nearly thirty years later, shows the strength and value of the genre he helped devise. Their short songs flammable created the world in comic books, horror movies, garage rock and girl groups. They were high-speed punk-pop band, mixing humor and horror, as well as to allow their fans to an urban way to clean all the pent-up energy that comes from living in a concrete jungle. Ramones set, especially in the early years, rarely lasted half an hour, and can make 15 or more songs during blitzkrieg aerodynamic. Their original was just that - ask any questions, they were the only group to write two songs about the history of rock cretins and 25, starting with a variation of the pronoun "I" - as they included well-chosen songs reliable , including the Riviera, "" California Sun "and trashmen is" Surfin 'Bird. '

Types of Slagged old guard who can not hear or understand, however, associated with young Ramones subway in New York, London, Los Angeles and eventually the whole world. They never reach the top forty, which seems ironic shame, because their songs have a melodic, energetic and hypnotic spell that would stultify PM songs in the seventies too. Ramones classics as "Blitzkrieg Bop," "I'm glad to see you go," "Sheena is a Punk Rocker," "Rockaway Beach", "I wanna be sedated," "Rock 'n' Roll High School" and "Yes Roll Radio You Remember Rock 'n'? "has stood the test of time as a terrible record of forty Top Jams coined term Ramones these wonderful pieces are being created now groaning and jeering. As Tommy Ramone said in the liner notes, without false modesty, that the Ramones' Hey Ho Let's record - the 55 songs crammed into two CDs - "This is art. Sometimes it is not sold first. Sometimes it takes a little time for the world to catch. '

Ramones concerts by 2263 - about the same as the Dead grateful, ironic as it may seem - between their formation in 1974, the sixth and final exhibition in Los Angeles, August 1996. They were released 21 studio, live and produced over 20 years, almost a year to make an honest album. The first four of which are considered classics, offering a repertoire of many in my life, even in the nineties of the last century. Rocket to Russia, in particular, was one of the defining points dominate in 1977. End of the Century (1980) made the difference being produced by the legendary Phil Spector. Later albums do not always lead to the genre, breaking the first four gloss, but the Ramones always compelling and entertaining, and albums like Challenge, Die hard metal blades too well assured of its relevance in the eighties. Ramones is not only countless influential punk-rock, but its related issues, including speed metal and hardcore. Bands like Green Day, Blink-182 and Offpsring unthinkable without the Ramones. Speed ??metal band Motorhead british pays him tribute with a song called "Ramone," Ramones recorded their own later.

Along the way, there was a change of personnel. Tommy Ramone Marky Ramone left the drums in 1978, although it continues to be part of the group and Co. consultant for 1984 are too difficult to die. Richie went on a gap in 1983 is being replaced by Marky Ramone, and then back to 1987. Dee Dee Ramone left in 1989, replaced by CJ Ramone (former Marine), although he continued to contribute material Ramones album all the way to the famous arch, 1995, Amigos radios. Joey Ramone died of cancer at 15 came in April 2001, and would work on a solo album in early 2002.

History, it seems, is finally catching up with the Ramones. They are now being hailed as one of the most influential American rock bands, and their music reaches your ears today more than it was during the years of hard work, when they were going around in high revolutionary act Looking round.

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